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Matthew Harris

A revolution in the world of fashion handbags.

Matthew Harris is a gracious, unique new brand - it creates a new standard of luxury since its founding in Amsterdam. The brand was introduced by fashion professionals who focus on luxurious perfection and contemporary functionality. Matthew Harris’ approach to luxury is symbolized by its high standard craftsmanship, fashionable design and the use of sustainable materials.

The chameleon - Matthew Harris’ signature graphic - represents a distinctive, colourful and flexible uniqueness, which shows great resemblance with characteristics of today’s fashion conscious women. Being open minded, keen to explore and ready to take on new challenges: They are one of a kind, unique. Matthew Harris inaugurates and affirms this identity by providing unique, fashion forward handbags that make it easier to adapt to any kind of situation. Matthew Harris display’s each women’s individual identity and confirms their uniqueness.

Matthew Harris bags come in sophisticated shapes, adorned with special and timeless detailing. The bags are made with a fusion of beautiful elements, which altogether create that unique Matthew Harris identity.

We are proud to present our new collection. Please enjoy what comes from our conscious hearts and experience the uniqueness of this new brand.

Matthew Harris, femininity at its best.